How to convert loft?

How to convert loft?

Converting your loft will definitely add value to your home. This is a great investment opportunity for the future. Converting your loft also adds living space in your house. The only way the loft conversion will add value to your house is by proper planning. You should decide beforehand why you need the extra room and the measures you are going to undertake fully convert the loft.


• Obtain permission to convert your loft from your local building authorities if necessary.
• Hire professionals to redesign a room’s layout.
• Make use of the open space in the loft
• Separate rooms from each other using décor.
• Reuse industrial pieces from the original space.
• Take advantage of windows or other sources of natural light.


• Decide what type of room you want to convert your loft.
• Consult with professionals to check if your loft can be converted.
• Receive permission to convert your loft from your local building authorities if necessary.
• Hire professionals to convert the loft space into another room if necessary.
• Let in natural light by adding 1 or more windows if possible.
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• Paint walls in light or neutral colors to allow your loft space to feel more open and roomy.
• Add mirrors to create the illusion of more depth to the room.
• Hang wall storage to remove clutter from the floor and furniture.
• Rearrange beds or other furniture in the room to create a more open floor plan.


The cost will vary depending on size but is usually between £30,000 and £50,000. A typical conversion with a rear dormer in a mid-terrace property costs around £35,000. You’ll find small companies will usually charge 10-15 percent less than large companies.


• Efficiency – The first thing that you’ll notice about changing your empty space into a loft is that you’ll have a more efficient climate through your home. You’ll get more open space and receive air during summer and warmth in the winter.
• Property Value – The second thing that you’ll realize is that the value of your home will skyrocket with this loft conversion. By adding more living space in your home, if you ever decide to sell it, you will be able to sell at higher price.
• Create Income – Let’s assume that you are in need of money, and you want to rent out space in your home, a loft can allow you to do so if you’re willing to share your space with others.
• Cost Effective – The loft conversion is cost effective. Whether you’re hiring a contractor to renovate your home, you’ll find that it’s much more affordable when compared to other methods.
• Planning Permission – Planning permission is not usually required. On the other hand, permission is necessary where you alter or extend the roof space.


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